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Author Topic
St Charles, MO
Club Member
Posted - 14 November 2013 9:7  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit or Delete Message  GoTo Member Rides
I don't know if this has been discussed before here, but I thought I would post this just in case it hadn't.

A couple of days ago (first cold day) and the 5th day I owned this 2012 JK, I noticed that the JK's heater was not working correctly. The vehicle temp gauge showed a normal temp.

When it was on max heat it would cook you out, with all most all of the heat coming out of the passenger side vents. When you turned the heat down, even just one notch, it would blow luke warm to cool air, especially out the drivers side vents.

At first I thought it could be a vent issue and went on line to find the fix. Well I found it was NOT a vent issue but a heater core issue.

Further investigation found that this issue can be found in all JK's.

The fix, covered by all bumper to bumper warranties and should be covered by 100,000 mile warranty is to REPLACE the heater core, radiator and oil cooler.

Apparently there is a problem that creates sludge which blocks the heater core and radiator.

There are two reported theories for this issue.

1. Residue (sand-blasting compound) left in the block during manufacturing blasting process.

2. Leak from oil cooler getting into coolant system causing sludge.

Chrysler has confirmed these issues with a "STAR REPORT", no recall and no TSB Bulletin.

Anyway, I took my JK in for heater service. There first repair report was heater is working normally, passenger side is warmer do to heater core being on passenger side. After pointing out the above information they advised they would check it further.

They called back later in the day and I'm getting the new radiator, heater core and oil cooler, per the "Star Report" under warrant :)

Now, I just hope they put my JK back together with no issue's, as to replace the heater core the entire dash has to be removed :( (2-3 day repair job by dealer)

So, if your having heater issues in your JK's, this may help you out. There are also numerous articles on line about it.

Kingwood, TX
Online Member
Posted - 14 November 2013 14:26  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit or Delete Message  GoTo Member Rides
I've read about many issues, but mine works excellent.
Fenton, MO
MWJT Treasurer
Posted - 15 November 2013 10:30  Show Profile  Email Poster  Edit or Delete Message  GoTo Member Rides
Have never had an issue with almost 95k but, knowing my luck it won't have any issues until the warranty runs out anyways.
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