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2/11/2006 - Valentine Day Run
Event Type MWJT Event
Coordinator Liz and Merrill Rayborn
Start Date 2/11/2006  9AM
End Date 2/11/2006  5PM
Description We will be running at Rockport. Maybe the name should be changed to MUDPORT if it is anything like last year.

NO Lunch will be provided this year. (Thoes who were with Byrd last year know why. Lunch at 6pm ??)

Regular park fees in effect.

Bring your sweethart out for a fun day in the woods.

Signup is only required so the trail guides know about how many jeeps will be at the event.

Map or Image Link
Contact Phone 314 832 4269
Official MWJT Event Yes
Signup Required Yes
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Signed Up Members
Ma Rayborn - Liz and Merrill Rayborn
1/5/2006 4:15:11 PM
We will be there with cookies aboard. Plenty of snacks for the trail.
jay-bird - Jeff Rayborn
1/6/2006 6:55:46 AM
chim chim and I and maybe one more...
BumbleBee - Debbie Dust
1/9/2006 12:26:47 PM
G and I should be there. Haven't decided on 1 or 2 jeeps yet. :)
cvlv2 - Chuck Vohsen
1/17/2006 11:13:57 AM
Two adults and two kids attending.
B Y R D - Steve Barton
1/18/2006 7:47:08 PM
Lets not open that bag again..lol count me in with 1 for sure maybe 3.
scrambled - jack tucker
1/20/2006 12:28:18 PM
We'll be there
mole - David Kramer
1/31/2006 9:59:17 PM
count me in. I'll bring ME...hehehe
Richy - Jim Cunningham
2/2/2006 7:02:30 PM
Me and Granny
JDoneff1 - Joe Doneff
2/4/2006 9:21:51 PM
I wiil be there. Can only confirm myself at this point. Might be Alex or Kate or both before its over.
Mr Moke - Mark Schuth
2/6/2006 7:00:19 AM
I will be there. By myself.
JD - John Doneff
2/6/2006 8:57:58 AM
I must have posted from Joe's computer regarding this event. He is not going to be there. I will be there with Alex.
Cosmo - Joe Grasso
2/6/2006 9:34:34 AM
me +3 wife and kids will attend thier 1st event
jeepr - Randy Stroede
2/6/2006 9:35:26 AM
I'm in
Benacks - SaMaNtHa BeNaCk
2/8/2006 10:37:32 AM
It's my first run with Midwest Jeepthing and I'm totally excited!
Stalker - Aaron Hull
2/9/2006 7:45:02 PM
Someone say they needed another red TJ up there?
shriner boy - Greg Heins
2/9/2006 11:05:58 PM
Should be there if not in springfield first run still stock some help will be greatly appreciated
Lumpy - Mike Anderson
2/10/2006 1:29:03 PM
Hale & I are in, 2 jeeps
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